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JBAI Design

We bring data, creativity, and visualize experience.

JBAI Delivery

We manage third parties for your or act as third party.

JBAI Strategy

We work closely with our clients to define their goals.

JBAI Optimization

We make sense of your data to help you succeed.

About JBAI

Business, technology and managed services are areas of high competition in todays business economy. JBAI’s focus for the past few decades has been on providing business and information technology consulting services for medium and Fortune 500 companies. From the days of Fortran to today wearable technology, our consultants have been working alongside managers helping them stay ahead of the curve for technology support.

About JBAI


JBAI Mission

Our Mission

To deliver services that will help companies thrive amidst the many changes in the business economy, connect awesome people with amazing opportunities, and improve the world we live in through business and technology.

  • We use creativity, client insight, and innovative technology to create better solutions.
  • We help the entire operation stay ahead of the mess.
  • With the right equipment, KPIs and measurements, you will see how effective optimization is.


We always create amazing work for our clients.

What We Do?

Some areas we help with are software architecture, marketing strategy, User interface/User Experience. We understand that technology is the backbone of a company, without the proper technology in place businesses will slow down their entire operations, lose customers, and not stay organized. We help the entire operation stay ahead of the mess.


Offsite development enables your organization to increase ROI, save money and provide you access to best-in-class practices and services.

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Increase flexibility, improve performance and permit a better focus.


Creativity, innovative technology, along with visualization.


JBA help clients through consultation on integrating technology, retiring old tech, and product suites to purchase to help the business thrive..

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We have worked with thousands of technical contractors over the years and have stayed in touch with the best of them.

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We have extensive experience in varying industry groups, in key business areas.